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All Church Fast

Greetings Deeper Church Family! We are doing an All Church Fast from April 1st and breaking fast on Resurrection Sunday (Easter). Everybody is able to fast in some way. There are no medical conditions that prohibit every form of fasting, except of course the sinful nature (which is exactly the thing we are to "put to death" (See Col 3:5). We encourage and challenge everyone to participate.

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Fasting Guide

1.  Liquids and/or water only.

  • Water only fasts work best with lifestyles that don’t require daily manual labor.

  • Liquids only allows sufficient calorie intake for labor intensive lifestyles.

    • Avoid too much fruit juice and sugars. High quantities of fructose is extremely bad for your liver and potentially your heart. It is considered worse than glucose from the latest studies.

    • Healthy fat-based calories are much better. Especially coconut, avocado, grass fed Ghee (clarified butter), Olive oil that is not heated past 350º. Too much fat, your body might not be use to, so you may have an upset stomach, lessen your fat intake to let your body catch up.

    • Getting a good protein powder, adding 1-3 TBSP of a fat will get you over 500 calories.

    • Bone Broth, peanut butter (mixed into a smoothie), milk, kefir and/or drinking yogurt are all great choices.

2.  Skipping 1 or more meals each day.

  • If you skip both breakfast and Lunch, you are fasting 24 hours. If you skip dinner and go to bed hungry this is great spiritual discipline.

3.  Modified Diet. 

  • Daniel Fast: No meat or Alcohol.

  • St. Anthony Fast: Only Bread and Water.

  • Cutting out all sugar.

  • Etc.


The important thing is to push yourself. So if you already skip breakfast or lunch, or are already  a vegetarian or don’t drink alcohol, then that doesn’t count as a fast.


Dedicate the normal meal times to prayer—deep reflective prayer. Where you sit and listen to the Lord. Soak in the love of God. As Jesus instructs in Matthew 6, when fasting you should experience heightened joy and happiness because you are discovering how to eat the "manna from heaven" (see John 6); the words that come from the mouth of God (see Matt 4), which are eternal life (see John 6); the food that Jesus ate that the world knows nothing about (see John 4).  

Because of our fasting goal, try to go on outreach while fasting, and outreach "as you go" about normal everyday life. 

Our Fasting Goal is: Personal and Regional Kingdom Breakthrough.


Praying in the Spirit is extremely helpful (Speaking in Tongues—see Jude 1:20). Because you can stay focused on prayer and God without getting distracted, but leave mental space for Jesus to talk to you.


Scripture reading is great too, but do not neglect prayer.


Meditation Mantra Prayers

These are prayers that you repeat over and over again all day long, until your heart, soul, mind, and body all experience breakthrough. Pick only 1 of the following to do around 3 days. Then, pick another one.

  • Abba, I belong to you.

  • I am crucified with Christ, I no longer live, but Christ live in me.

  • Man (People) does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.

  • Not my will, but yours be done.

  • Jesus, what do you want me to do now? Who do you want me to talk to?  (then you watch, listen, or sense the directions of the Holy Spirit)

  • Greater is He (Jesus) that is in me, then he (Satan) that is in the world.

  • With Jesus I am to undo (destroy) the works of Satan.

  • Hallowed be your name (May your name be made Holy).

  • May your Kingdom come.

  • I am my beloved’s, and his desire is for me.


Ad-ons to the Fast

No TV or Movies (Expect overtly Christian aka The Passion, The Shack, Darren Wilson Documentaries, etc.), no gambling, no video games, etc., You can journal each day what is happening while you fast.

Go on Outreach. 


Do not neglect charity work and giving. Otherwise God cannot honor your fasting goal (see Isa 58). But you will still grow in self-control and spiritual awareness.

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