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About Us

The Pacific Northwest has been a spiritual War-Zone for decades. In the last 10 years, things have gotten even worse. As we face various hostilities, deceptions, uncertainties, an increase in wickedness, and the love of many growing cold, we believe that the mission and vision of Jesus for a Church that crushes Hell is exactly how to bring a cultural revolution in the PNW, but we cannot settle for a lukewarm, shallow Christian faith that leaves the character of the believer ineffective and unproductive. 


So our aim is to defy shallow Christianity until we see a statistical change to the PNW. We do this by combining powerful and immersive elements of Spirit and Truth in the context of character development. Working to forge contagious repeatable ministries that can help every Bible believing church in our region to defy shallow Christianity and usher in a cultural revolution that will inspire people from around the world and future generations. 

Our church Affiliation is the Assemblies of God which formed over 100 years ago to start the greatest evangelism movement the world has ever seen. Mission accomplished! The Assemblies of God is the largest Pentecostal affiliation of churches in the world. We enjoy the best of both worlds between denominational and non-denominational churches–Every AG church is autonomous forming their own leadership, strategies, ministries, culture, and unique characteristics, but we have an actual accountability structure/covering that offers amongst the best protection globally for congregations and pastors alike. 
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Meet The Team

Lead Pastors

Richie & Hannah Nelson

Richie and Hannah Nelson met in 2005 while attending Bible College in Springfield, Missouri, and married January 2011.  They are passionate about seeing people experience the life changing power of Jesus. Having traveled all over the world doing ministry, they tenaciously love shining brightly in spiritually dark places. They have three amazing kiddos - Silas, Sage, and Evangeline-Victory. 

Some of their favorite authors include: Dallas Willard, C.S. Lewis, Frank Viola, Neil Cole, Alan Hirsch, Ted Dekker, Francine Rivers, J.P. Moreland, and Reinhard Bonnke.


Worship Leader

Tong Pineda

Tong worked in the medical field for many years and after he and his wife migrated to the USA from the Philippines, he felt called to ministry. Moving his family to Texas, he attended ministry school at Christ for the Nations Institute in Texas. Currently he works as a professor at Northwest University School of PA Medicine as well as the worship leader at Deeper Church. He has a genuine heart for encountering the Lord both publicly and privately. 


Administrative Assistant

Kali Mealing

What shines most about Kali is her sweet gentle demeanor. She has a sincere love for Jesus and desires to grow in Spirit and Truth. We love Kali's ability to teach, her heart for worship, and her willingness to help us with just about anything. Currently she oversees the financial records, The Belong ministry team, and administration for JBQ. She also serves on the Production team, Worship team, and Media and Communications team. 


Associate Leader

Abi Stutzman 

Abi is fun, loving, and energetic. She is dedicated to living a life fully surrendered to Jesus. She works hard to love as many people as possible and take care of not only their spiritual needs, but also their emotional and practical needs. Her aim is to help everyone have fun and build meaningful relationships centered on Christ. She helps run our Greeting team and Guest Experience team, as well as hosting Young Adult Life Groups and events. On top of that she serves our Children's Ministry team 


Lead Children's Teacher

Rich Nelson

With an infectious passion for God's Word and more than 40 years experience teaching children, even though his professional career was construction, he is certainly more than a carpenter. . . Every time he teaches children, they feel valued, have fun, and get excited about the Bible. Warning: Children tend to drag their parents out of bed and back to church on Sundays whenever Rich teaches. His jovial personality and sincere love for God, along with a lifetime of integrity are the qualities we love about him most.


Youth Ministry Leader

Quentin Counely

Quentin is fun, hard working, and a go getter. He is an entrepreneur, and gifted at inspiring youth to run after God heart and soul. He trains youth to be able to boldly share their faith, love one another, and pray in passion and power. If he is not serving in the church or running a side business, then you will find him dirt biking, snow boarding, or on a wilderness adventure. 

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