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NWMN Bible Quiz 24|25 Season Info:

Welcome to Bible Quiz in the Pacific Northwest and specifically Washington State and Northern Idaho. Our Oregon friends are welcome to join us for any of the league meets. Here you will find the 24|25 Season's Schedule, and other important links to help you coach your team. 

Feel free to text Richie at 253-232-9995 for more information. 


Aug 23-24   Kickoff Convention

Sep 28         JBQ IceBreaker | 5 Weeks of Prep

  • JBQ-Group 3 Questions

Oct 26         JBQ/TBQ League 1 | 4 Weeks of Prep

  • JBQ-Group 4 (A Level-Groups 3 & 4)

  • TBQ-Championship Acts 1-5 | Contender Acts 1-4 | XP5 Acts 2

Dec 7th       JBQ/TBQ League 2 | 6 Weeks of Prep

  • JBQ-Group 5 (A Level-Groups 3-5)

  • TBQ-Championship Acts 6-9 | Contender Acts 5-7 | XP5 Acts 4

Jan 18th      JBQ/TBQ League 3 | 6 Weeks of Prep

  • JBQ Group 1 (A Level Groups 1 & 3-5)

  • TBQ-Championship Acts 10-13 | Contender Acts 8-9:19 | XP5 Acts 5

Feb 22nd    JBQ/TBQ League 4 | 5 Weeks

  • JBQ Group 2 (A Level-All Questions)

  • TBQ Championship Acts 14-17 | Contender Acts 9:20-10 | XP5 Acts 9

Mar 28-29   JBQ/TBQ DF | 5 Weeks

  • JBQ Groups 2 & 3 (A Level-All Questions)

  • TBQ Championship Acts 1-17 | Contender Acts 1-10 | XP5 ???

Apr 11-12     TBQ Emerald City Tournament–Championship Only

  • Acts 1-17 Regional–National Level difficulty

May 2-3 (Or April 25-26)    JBQ/TBQ Regional Finals | 5 Weeks of Prep

  • JBQ A Level Only–All Questions

  • TBQ Championship Acts 1-17 | Contender Acts 1-10

May 31?         JBQ Pre-Nationals Scrimmage Day

Important Details for TBQ's Championship and Contender Divisions the New Material for each competition is weighted 75%-New / 25%-Old. For example, for Contender at League 2 each set will have 15 questions from Acts 5-7 and 5 questions from Acts 1-4. However, XP5 will have no review questions. Also, at the TBQ League Meets there will be 2 "Application Questions" per set. The application questions are provided in the Digital Bundle. 

In JBQ The A division will add the new questions and will have equal weighting. In B and C divisions there will be no review of the previous groups of questions (except Network Finals (DF), which will cover the first and last groups of questions studied for this year-Groups 3&2)​.

More on Junior Bible Quiz

This Season we will be dividing into 3 different levels of difficulty for teams. The A, B, and C.

  • A Level–

    • Will play by all the official National rules.

    • Each League meet will add an additional 120 approx. questions until they are quizzing over the entire FactPak of 576 questions.

    • This division is for returning quizzers.

    • This is the only level that advances to Regional Finals and National Finals.

    • The A level will have two different tiers of difficulty with the best teams playing in A1, and the moderate teams is A2.

    • Quizouts will be at 6 questions with a bonus of 10 points. 

  • B Level–

    • Is for first time quizzers, or quizzers who averaged less than 2 questions per round last year.

    • Rule exceptions for Beginner level are that quotation questions which normally require the verse to be recited perfectly without repeating, adding, or changing a word, will be allowed to be given "in essence" meaning all the phrases and clauses, but the quizzer can use substitute word choices as long as they mean generally the same thing as the word in the verse. Also, the quizzer does not need to give the verse reference (but if they give the wrong verse reference before they correctly quoted the verse they must be called wrong).

    • The questions do not accumulate during the year, they will only do one group of questions without any review (at Network/District Finals they will cover 2 groups of questions: the first group covered for the year and the last group.)

    • B Level will be divided into 2 or 3 different tiers of difficulty based upon team/individual's performance.

    • Quizouts will be at 5 questions instead of 6, with a bonus of 20 points instead of the normal 10.

  • C Level–

    • Is for quizzers who are​ struggling in Beginner level and are generally not interrupting questions.

    • The Beginner Level Quotation Question rules will apply. 

    • The rounds will ask the first 14 questions to only one team at a time, with equal matching point values. Question 15 will be a 30 pointer asked to both team competitively. Then 16-20 will be asked competitively where the teams will have to beat each other to the buzzer. 

    • No fouls will be assessed. 

    • Quizouts will be at 4 questions instead of 6, with a bonus of 20 points instead of the normal 10.

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There are Factpaks formatted as books and as flashcards. The books not only have the questions arranged in numerical order but also in alphabetical order, which can help with hit speed. I use flash cards one box for each of my sons, and the book I use as a reference to help with interruption speed. The cards you can shuffle to randomize. 

Buzz Boxes

Official TBQ Scripture Portions

Other TBQ Scripture Portions

TBQ Practice Questions

JBQ Start Up Guide for New Teams

TBQ Start Up Guide for New Teams

JBQ Checklist for Starting a New Team

JBQ Official Rulebook 

TBQ Official Rulebook

Score Keeping Software

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